We are going to show you how to avoid unnecessary pain and maximize the profits of your productivity. Our body of knowledge and ability to use it is directly tied to our physical health. In this lesson from the 4Answers Life Mastery Library we outline the healthiest ways to arrange our posture for maximum performance and longevity. Taking a look at this graphic you’ll see the key points to cover in protecting yourself as you learn!

Your sitting posture determines how much you get and retain in either a class or a board room meeting. For maximum concentration and understanding maintain a balanced sitting posture. This refers to making sure that your shoulders are parallel to the ground. Body balance increases concentration since the body weight is evenly distributed. Note that when you sit slanting, the concentration drops much faster than when you sit balanced. Some people have found they achieve better posture and productivity sitting on a big exercise ball like the kind you find at the gym. This forces one to have proper posture.

SITTING POSTURE (b. Open posture)
The other important feature of the sitting posture is avoiding folding of hands or crossing the legs. When one assumes such a closed sitting posture the brain also blocks from learning. Therefore to boost learning and memory is to maintain an open sitting posture so that the brain can be ready to learn and understand. Make sure you are sitting or standing properly while studying so you are not straining your body creating injuries and stress that impeded your concentration.

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