Complaining is a blindfold which blocks one from exploring solutions.

Successful people often don’t have the best things happen for them but they make the best of things that do happen. They make a habit of taking responsibility for the life they have and want to create as opposed to complaining whenever things do not go as expected. Complaining is a blindfold which blocks one from exploring solutions.

When one makes a habit of complaining, the brains creativity to come up with solutions is compromised. Complaining fits into the same category as worrying. Someone once said worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen! It is a form of visualizing the reverse of what we want to experience in life. So you can see how this is a good thing to stop doing.

Whatever we focus on we create more of and we create a greater awareness of. Today your first task is going a full day today without making a negative tweet or post or comment to anyone about anything. If you have trouble with an entire day start with a complaint-free hour then two and then a full day. Then go for two days!

Life is like driving a car, it goes in the direction we steer it. When you complain, you’re creating a negative dangerous lane for your life to drive down. Choose a better road. One way to do this is to think of things you’re grateful for throughout your day and share that with others. You can only engage in one focus at a time. Make it work for you!

One way to replace the habit of complaining is to busy your mind with looking for things to be grateful for. Gratitude s one of the key principles and traits of happy successful people.  Take a deep breath in and hold it a few counts then exhale and enter a more relaxed state of mind.

Now ask yourself what you really love and are grateful for in life right now in this moment. Let the images come to mind and take notice of them. See them projected on a beautiful huge big screen TV in front of you in vivid hi-def color! Experience the sounds, feelings and even smells associated with the things you see. Maybe it’s your pet dog or cat you see and are grateful for having their love in your life. See yourself playing with them and being greeted by them. Feel the warmth of them sitting on your lap. We all do have a lot to be grateful for. See others being grateful for you and the good things you do in life! You can start with being grateful you can take that deep breath.  

We’ve created this powerful positive focus talisman for you to use to center your focus on gratitude throughout your day. Wear this bracelet use its presence to bring your awareness back to what you’re grateful for and increase the good that flows into your mind, heart and life! Click here to get yours today!

What should we have learned:

  • Complaining blocks us from seeing solutions.
  • Complaining and worrying directs our focus and life in unhealthy directions.
  • Use deep breathing relaxation techniques to center yourself on gratitude.
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