“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

The brain works well with patterns and looks for them. A plan like a flowchart or list helps the mind to be organized into a useful pattern of thoughts and facilitates greater order and higher productivity. With a plan, you can dedicate and dictate your attention, focus, and energy to one task at a time. So make a plan. As the great inventor, entrepreneur and founding father of America Benjamin Franklin said if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

Add to your list the one thing that if you get done today would give you a sense of accomplishment and then get started with that. Do that most important thing first and commit yourself to completing it! Once you complete it write it down on your “MY WELL DONE LIST” journal!

Yes we all have ToDo lists or many of us do but it’s important to remind yourself of all the things we do get done each day because very often we lose track of our accomplishments and feel as if we are not making enough progress.

So here’s the Mindhack for increased happiness and productivity; Make a MY WELL DONE LIST!  It could be as simple as a yellow notepad with the words “MY WELL DONE LIST!” at the top of it.  Or you could buy a nice little journal to keep with you.  Keep adding your completed tasks to it and read it at the end of each day to reinforce your ability to get stuff done! Keep making lists and remember…Only birds “wing it”. Here’s the power tool you can get to create your own my Well Done list journal. Why use this instead of a notepad?  You want your list to have a sense of special meaning and its own positive energy charge so every time you see it it activates that portion of your brain that says you’re capable and a take charge person that makes things happen!buy your own My Well Done List journal!

What should you have learned: 

  • Your brain likes patterns and looks for them.
  • If you fail to plan you plan to fail.
  • Add and do the one thing to get done that will give a sense of accomplishment first.
  • Create a “My Well Done List”  journal and read it nightly.


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